Map of Locations
This is a map showing the route that would have been taken by Carl Jung and Mary Bancroft from Zurich to Bludenz in 1942.
The Prologue & The Visitation
Readers respond
The German High Command compels a psychiatrist to assess Hitler´s sanity. An OSS analyst joins him, posing as his secretary.

The Death of Geli Raubal

Most students of Hitler are familiar with the story of Geli Raubal, Hitler’s niece. Geli, the attractive young daughter of Hitler’s half-sister, was also Hitler’s girl friend. On the morning of September 19th, 1931, Hitler’s housekeeper tried to wake Geli, knocking on her…

Spies of World War Two

ALLIED SPIES OF WWII Introduction: There were many who served as spies for the Allies during WWII, and we owe them more than we can repay, in many cases. Their work was harrowing and their reward was often a slow death at the…

Jung’s Lecture – The Psyche

Jung turned to the blackboard and chalked a horizontal line high up. He stood back and, pointing, said, “The human psyche. Up above, on the surface, we have the conscious mind. Below it, the unconscious: the Cave of The Shadow. Notice that I…

Excerpts: The Prologue & The Visitation

The Prologue Löwensburg, Austria June 30, 1942 Carl Jung, tall and scholarly, faces a pair of massive brass doors gleaming in morning sunlight. Above them, an over-sized Nazi eagle spreads golden wings, clutching a globe in its talons. Jung looks up at it…


June, 1942: As the German blitzkrieg stalls in Russia, Hitler’s behavior becomes increasingly eccentric. The German High Command (OKW) suspects he is insane and approaches Carl Jung to request an evaluation of The Fuehrer’s mental state. The OKW doesn’t realize that Jung’s close…


“Guenther takes the factual proximity of two historical characters during the height of World War II to create an astonishing what-if novel about the motives for Hitler’s darker fantasies. An amazing read . . .” – Edna Bay, historian “J Guenther’s In The…