“Guenther takes the factual proximity of two historical characters during the height of World War II to create an astonishing what-if novel about the motives for Hitler’s darker fantasies. An amazing read . . .” –
Edna Bay, historian

“J Guenther’s In The Mouth of The Lion takes the reader on an exciting journey into Hitler’s Germany during World War II. Historic characters go on a fictional mission cleverly devised by the author. You will be holding your breath as you follow Carl Jung through a long dark tunnel as he heads to a meeting with the world’s most dangerous man.” –
Jean Shriver, author of The Einstein Solution.

“This fast-moving and absorbing novel examines what might have happened had two most remarkable men met- and how that encounter might have come to pass.” –
Kathryn McCary

“Be prepared for a wild ride! Jeff Guenther’s delightful new novel, IN THE MOUTH OF THE LION, explores the intriguing idea that Adolf Hitler sought psychoanalysis during WWII with none other than the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung. Brilliance is pitted against evil during their fateful meeting, and the tension simmers as Jung struggles to outwit the man who holds the world’s fate in his hands. IN THE MOUTH OF THE LION is a fast-paced tale packed with delightful characters, surprising twists and turns, and a take-your-breath-away ending.” –
Jeanne Lyet Gassman, winner of Independent Publisher Book Award, BLOOD OF A STONE

“J Guenther’s thought-provoking WW2 novel, In the Mouth of the Lion, involves the reader in a suspenseful “could happen? did happen?” action-packed story. Though fictional, its sound logic led me toward “did happen.” –
David A. Kenney, WW2 OSS Veteran

“An intelligent, original, fast-paced thriller with vivid characterization and a unique plot line.” –
James Flaherty