June, 1942: As the German blitzkrieg stalls in Russia, Hitler’s behavior becomes increasingly eccentric. The German High Command (OKW) suspects he is insane and approaches Carl Jung to request an evaluation of The Fuehrer’s mental state. The OKW doesn’t realize that Jung’s close associate, Mary, works for the American OSS. The OSS asks Jung to enter Nazi-occupied Austria, into the Mouth of the Lion, and extract Hitler’s darkest secrets.

About the Author

J Guenther is a Southern California chemical engineer and playwright, a graduate of USC and the author of fifty short stories, seventeen plays, five novels, three computer books, and a hand-crafted poetry book. One of his books was nominated for “Best Novel” at the 2005 Santa Barbara Writers Conference. His plays have been performed at seven Southern California venues. His “Prisoner of Suggins Holler” won a prize in a 2010 short play competition. He has patented two puzzles and loves puzzles of all sorts, from mysteries to cryptic crosswords to human psychology.