Excerpt: The Visitation

What if…?

What if Carl Jung, the world’s leading analytical psychologist, were sitting in his Zurich office one evening in 1942, and a man was shown in. He wore tweeds, but had a German military haircut.

“Dr. Jung, I come on the behalf of my employer, Mr. Wolff, who desperately needs the kind of healing you specialize in.”

Jung waved the idea away. “My practice is closed. I am taking no new clients.”


You might find this a most fascinating case.”

This piqued Jung’s curiosity. “Fascinating in what way?”

Financially. And professionally.” The man arced a hand from side to side.

But I am not fascinated.”

The man became less confident. “Perhaps if you heard some of the details—”

Jung was tempted to ask him to explain, but fear overruled his curiosity. “No, no. I am not interested.”

Please, Dr. Jung. Mr. Wolff has met you and wants you in particular.”

We have met? I don’t recall a ‘Mr. Wolff?’ Who is this Mr. Wolff?”

The man leaned back and folded his arms across his chest. “Adolf Hitler.”

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